Book Review: A “Lovely” Look At The World by Designing And Faith

Cover design by Aaron Campbell & Faithwords. Cover photography by Trina McNeilly.

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Trina McNeilly’s “La La Lovely: The Art of Finding Beauty In The Everyday” (Faithwords, 2018) is a Christian Living book geared towards woman, filled with wonderful pictures and ideas about decorating and in life.

McNeilly is a blogger and decorator whose web page, “La La Lovely,” shows creative ways in designing homes. The creativeness is shown just in the book alone, which is beautifully put together, with glossy pages and artistic photographs throughout the easy reading. The writing encourages the reader to find beauty in everyday life, while McNeilly uses her past life experiences to help the reader go through their own dark times. She writes about trying to juggle motherhood while continuing her creative goals and dreams, her past heartbreaks in health related problems, and also discusses handling the divorce of her parents during another difficult time in her life.

“La La Lovely” gives decorating ideas throughout the book, as well as life lessons, where the writer uses symbolism of redecorating a living space with the human mind and body. A great story used by McNeilly is when she writes about how people in France used to walk turtles just to slow down their lives. Other interesting suggestions include people finding their own quiet place in their homes and asking God into that place, clearing mental clutter everyday (just like when a person’s home is filled with clutter) using bookshelves as a symbolic tool in dealing with past issues, and that a person must be “lost before they are found.”

Since the book is a Christian Living writing, McNeilly uses Bible verses and stories of her faith to help out in her journey. However, there is not much in depth detail in most of the Bible references, which is neither good or bad. If the reader is looking for detailed Biblical analysis, this book is not for them, however, if something lighter is wanted, along with down to earth examples, this is a good book for the reader. “La La Lovely” can be read as a whole, or as a devotional, reading one or two chapters a day. The writing is easy to read, with humor (at times), along with heart-filled tales added.

The layout of McNeilly’s book is artistic and creative. The reader can go back after reading and just look at the photographs throughout the book, or re-read the redecorating tips at the end of some of the chapters. This book is geared towards women, especially mothers. The Biblical aspect is not mind blowing academia based , which can be good for those looking for a lighter devotion. Overall “La La Lovely” is nice book geared for the specific audience it sets out to reach. Take the time to look for this book at the store, even just to admire the layout it.



Thanks to Faithwords Books and Hatchette Books for the reading copy.


“La La Lovely” by Trina McNeilly (Faithwords, 2018 ISBN: 978-1-4789-2076-2 eISBN: 978-1-4789-2077-9) can be found at : .


For more about the author, go to: or at   


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