Air Flight-My Favorite Air Supply Songs

One of the greatest Adult Contemporary Duos in music was Air Supply. This act from Australia was a major act on the Pop Charts, along with Lite Rock Music in the 1980s. Members Graham Russell (guitar) and Russell Hitchcock (lead vocals) met in 1975 while performing Jesus Christ Superstar, and broke big in America in 1980, being a major act for Arista Records (which was the home of Barry Manilow in the 1970s until 1985). Air Supply is sometimes the butt of many jokes for their mellow sound, but their music is used in many movies, commercials, and TV shows to this day, which proves their longevity.  When I try and write short stories, I put on their “Greatest Hits” Album and for some reason, the words just flow onto the computer screen. So here are my favorite Air Supply songs and the albums they are on.


  1. “All Out Of Love” (Lost in Love- 1980). This song was written by Graham Russell and Clive Davis, and was named one of VH1’s Greatest Love Songs. The album was the first to hit the U.S. Charts, and the single reached #2. Not only is it a great song, but the vocals by Hitchcock at the end are so high, along with the holding of the final note. Donny Osmond even recorded the song for his 2002 covers album.
  1. “Every Woman in the World” (Lost in Love- 1980). This song hit #5 on the U.S. Charts and was #2 on the AC Charts. This was the third single from their “Lost in Love” album, which also had three Top 5 singles. This song has a catchy guitar riff at the beginning and is a duet between the two singers. This is a great Pop Song.
  1. “Even The Nights Are Better” (Now and Forever- 1982). This was a #1 Hit on the AC Charts for the duo, although it reached #5 on the U.S. Charts, it exited the Top 40 charts the week after it peaked, dropping to #42 (Taylor Swift later did the same thing on the charts). This was surprising to me because this song was played all the time at the roller skating rink and school dances where I lived when the song was released.  This is just a happy song that I love.
  1. “Two Less Lonely People in the World” (Now and Forever- 1983). This song was on the last album to hit platinum in the U.S. and reached #38 on the charts, along with #4 on the AC Charts. This song’s lyrics deal with a guy who is down on his luck and meets someone feeling just like himself.  This song would still be a great wedding song today without being dated.
  1. “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All” (Greatest Hits-1983). This song was a huge hit when it came out, hitting #2 on the U.S. Charts. The song was written by Jim Steinman, who wrote the song for Meatloaf, but Meatloaf’s label wouldn’t pay him for the songs, so he passed it to Bonnie Tyler, which ended up passed to Air Supply (although Tyler recorded a version of it). The song was the last U.S. Top 10 hit for the duo, and was actually kept out of the #1 spot by Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” which was also written by Steinman. The song features Rick Derringer on guitar as well. I love the song for the powerful lyrics, especially the last verse, talking about “I can make the runner stumble, I can make the final block” and “I can make all the stadiums rock.” This is my favorite Air Supply song.
  1. “Just As I Am” (Air Supply- 1985). This is probably my second favorite song that the act released. It was also one of their last hits in the U.S. reaching #19 on the charts. Just like the time period, the song has big, loud sounding drums and is about a guy who seems to mess up all the time but his girl still loves him. The song was co-written by Dick Wagner of the Alice Cooper Band fame and also played on “Destroyer” by Kiss.  Even though the music scene was starting to shift to harder rock, the song is still a great Pop Song.
  1. “Lost In Love” (Lost in Love- 1980). This song was originally recording years earlier on their “Life Support” Album, but was re-released in 1980, which hit #3 in the U.S, along with #1 on the AC Charts. This was one of the first songs I heard from the band, and while seeing a live show on television of them (“Live in Hawaii’), this was the song that made me get back into the band.

Even though Air Supply gets ignored when the 1980s are mentioned, they were a big part on the music charts and were underrated. The band still performs today and is putting out music. They had many other great songs, like “Here I Am,” and “I Can Wait Forever,” among others. They seemed to got lost during the MTV Generation with their videos, but they were still all over the radio charts.


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