Halloween 2016- Movie Picks!

In previous years here for Halloween, I have discussed older or rarer films that Horror fans should check out (search the title “Horror Films” on the page’s archives for the past posts). This year I want to share movies again, but this time, they are more recent (with the exception of one). Although I feel the Horror Genre has been lacking in past years, as opposed to the classic ones, here are a few that I enjoyed that you may want to check out for your movie fest-don’t worry, these are all spoiler free!!


1.The Boy (2016).  Lauren Cohen (Maggie Greene from “The Walking Dead”) plays Greta, a girl from Montana who takes a job as a nanny in England for an elderly couple who needs help with their “son.” The other nannies were not suitable and were “rejected.” The odd thing is the son is a porcelain doll. When the couple leaves for a vacation and leaves Greta with a list of things to do to keep the son happy (sing to him, change him etc), that’s when strange things happen.

I enjoyed this because as in previous doll movies, this wasn’t cheesy (although the plot may have been) like the Chucky films where a doll is running around killing people. There is great suspense buildup until the end, and the acting is quite good with Cohen (although I have only seen maybe 2 episodes of “The Walking Dead” and could not get into it). The ending of the film is a great horror ending.


2.The Conjuring 2 (2016). I was not a huge fan of the first Conjuring film (it was OK, but not great), so this film was a surprise for me. The characters Ed and Lorraine Warren from the first 2013 film are back as they go to Britian to cover a home with what seems to be a haunting. It is based on a 1977 case called the Enfield Poltergeist.

The film is scary and has a great use of music in it. There are times where the lack of music is perfect because you do not know what’s coming. The movie very well in the U.S. and is a good film, even if you didn’t like the first one.


3.The Cave (2005).  This film stars Lena Headey, who is in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” A group of cave explorers go to Romania to search for a cave with an underground river that may have cave species that have never been exposed to the outside world. When they go into the cave after one of the explorers hears noises as they video chat with him, the species are discovered.

I liked the film for its suspense of not showing what the species are immediately to the audience, and the film has a 97 minute run time. Other movies like this may draw out the story for over 2 hours, or show what is going on right out of the box. Granted this film had horrible reviews and did awful (I agree it’s probably a B- at best), but it is a movie that I overall enjoyed and made it all the way through. I also liked the ending of the film, which has a twist to it.


  1. The Man Who Turned To Stone (1956). This film is also known as “The Petrified Man.” A group of doctors learn to extend their lives by draining vitality through transfusions, with without the process, they petrify. The doctors become staff members at a girl’s reform school, where they take bodies after several mysterious deaths that are claimed to be heart attacks. Investigations are started and that’s when the fun begins.

This film was in a 4 pack DVD Set I found at Walmart, with the films “The Mad Magician” (with Vincent Price-another great one), “Five,” and Christopher Lee’s “Terror of The Tongs”(which is more a Kung Fu type film than horror. I liked the film because of the run time (I love the films that are 70 minutes long-you can watch more in a day and not have extra dragged out segments). Even these cheesy films that end of on Mystery Science Theater have entertaining values to it, so if you are looking for an older film, check this one out. It has more a Sci-Fi theme to it, but still a good horror film.


Maybe these suggestions, or my previous ones in the past, will make a good horror night for you and friends this Halloween.


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